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Material Properties


Advantages – Strong Flexibility, Environmental (bioplastic), Adhesive, Innovative

Disadvantages – TBD

Hypoallergenic – Yes

*法國Arkema G850(阿科瑪)材質說明




TR90 – Polymer Plastic


Advantages – Lightweight, durable, flexible, high heat resistance, able to create any color variations. 

Disadvantages – Susceptible to alcohol

Hypoallergenic – Yes


TR90 is another material that also carries the properties of lightweight and flexibility. When it comes to sturdiness, Ultem is sturdier. However, the softer property of TR90 allows the frame to be even more flexible. The natural material of TR90 is also transparent, which allows us to finish the product with every possible color you can imagine.

Ultem – Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyetherimde (PEI)


Advantages – Extremely flexible (more than TR90), high heat resistance

Disadvantages - Susceptible to alcohol, limited colors due to the yellow natural material. Lower break point

Hypoallergenic – Yes


Ultem is one of the two materials we focus on in our products. Ultem's raw material color is transparent yellow, the natural material is sturdy, flexible, and lightweight. Ultem was first used in aircraft due to it's core material properties. It has transpired through time and it has become one of the most reliable materials used in eyewear today.

Q: Lightweight, Durable, Flexbible, High Heat resistant, why are these properties important?

  • Lightweight is probably a no brainer for people wearing glasses 12-16 hours a day. Any extra weight on the ear and the nose could really cause discomfort after a long period of time.

  • Due to the natural flex of the material properties, glasses being “flexible” helps warp to your face’s comfort. Everyone’s facial feature is slightly different, so having a pair of glasses that only needs slight adjustments will provide you more comfort than other frames.

  • Ever wonder why after wearing acetate frames for awhile it gets loose? It’s because they are not very heat resistant. After wearing it for awhile, the heat generated from your face, and the heat under the sun, could potentially warp the shape of your glasses, making it looser as you wear it. Overheating it could also cause the material to shrink, at worst break.

Q: What is the main advantage of TR90 or Ultem, compared to Acetate, Stainless Steel, Titanium Frames?

  • Acetate – Acetate itself is very durable, however it’s not very resistant to heat. Through years of wearing (depending on quality), the frame itself could warp out of shape and could cause discomfort when wearing it. Out of all the materials, acetate could be the heavier material amongst them.

  • Titanium – Pure titanium frames are usually more expensive to make, thus making it more expensive for consumers. Often times you see Beta-Titanium that is mixed with Nickel in the material, making it not necessarily hypoallergenic.

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