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OUR Beliefs

EL Optical Warehouse specializes in two incredible material called Ultem and TR90. Both of these materials are highly durable, ultra flexible, and lightweight. These materials were first used in aircraft due to their strong and lightweight material properties. What's cool is, we specialize in using these materials into optical frames.


Everyone that wears glasses should not bare any discomfort due to the weight and the constrain of the materials. Think about it,  If you buy shoes for it's comfort, then why not for glasses? 

We believe our material is a game changer in the glasses market. Wear it for comfort, wear it for fashion, however you like it. 


Behind these Opticals

We work hand-to-hand with our direct manufactures, so we want to be as transparent as possible behind the scene of what we produce. 


Capture 2.JPG

Material Prep

capture 1.JPG

The Printer

Once the mold is ready, it is placed into the injection machine. The machine then melts the raw materials into the injection molding, forming the shape of the glasses. Then it gets pulled out by the mechanical arms. 

Polishing Process

Capture 6.JPG

The front face is dropped into these machine filled with triangular stones for polishing. It is to give the frame the shine you see on the frames, if not done, your glasses would get rough and matte surfaces to it. The barrels automates the process and makes it easy to do.

The Trimming

The temples (aka legs) are to be trimmed manually from these pressers. It's an old fashion way; however, it's effective because this process allows the worker to also quality control and filter out the bad ones from the batch. Which makes this process as equally important as others. 

Paint & Coating

Capture 5.JPG
Capture 4.JPG

As the front face frames are done painting in the facility, each of them are carefully placed on the racks (right picture) and inspected again. These glasses would get a layer of coating that protects the paint peeling from scratches, think of it as a protective coating. 

Buffering the Frames, again

This process is near the end where we do final touch up on these front face to make sure there are no additional particles stuck on the frame. We use cotton wheels (as shown) to finish it off. 

Packing it up

After the final checks, we package them carefully to the next facility to put our parts together. 

Capture 3.JPG
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